Timothy Mills

CUH2A Website

CUH2A Website screenshot.

The website started with the idea that every decision and action that goes into the design of the scientific, educational, and technology facilities that CUH2A creates are not only connected to each other through an integrated design approach, but also have greater repercussions in the world once those facilities are in use. With this idea of interconnectedness and purpose, I worked closely with the design team to create an experimental navigation system that would allow CUH2A to highlight the connections between each of their disciplines through the content on the website and one that would encourage exploration.

Concept Notes

Photo of concept notes. Photo of concept notes.

It isn’t clear to anyone on the team who first thought of showing the connections between the content of the site. These sketches are from shortly after meeting with CUH2A to learn more about how they work.


CUH2A home page wireframe. CUH2A sitemap. CUH2A Our Work page wireframe. CUH2A blog wireframe.

The team decided to use very rough wireframes that simply outlined the type of content on each screen. We used these wireframes as guides during whiteboard design sessions to develop the final versions of each screen.

Interaction Sample

Through collaboration, including some last minute sound design, the team arrived at the final site.