Hi! I’m Tim, and I design software.

BCU eBranch Poster ImageBCU eBranch

BCU Mobile Poster ImageBCU Mobile

CUH2A Website Poster ImageCUH2A Website

DARPA Future Fighter Cockpit Poster ImageDARPA Future Fighter Cockpit

DHS Future of Firefighting Poster ImageDHS Future of Firefighting

FTD POS Interface Redesign Poster ImageFTD POS Interface Redesign

Kansas City Art Institute Website Poster ImageKansas City Art Institute Website

Nielsen Application Suite Poster ImageNielsen Application Suite

Touch and Go Records Website Poster ImageTouch and Go Records Website

Tribune Technology Online Classifieds Entry Prototype Poster ImageTribune Technology Online Classifieds Entry Prototype

Coming soon

I‘ll have a couple more projects up soon. In the meantime, here are some other stuff I‘ve done: