Timothy Mills

FTD Point of Sale Interface Redesign

FTD Point of Sale screenshot

FTD connects some 50,000 independent florists worldwide through their Mercury Network used to process wire orders and messages. They also use this network to provide telemarketing and business management applications. After realizing that training and technical support for these software applications was growing out of control, FTD asked us to conduct a series of interviews with florists and then to use the valuable information we learned to create a new interface for their point-of-sale application.

Field Research

Photo of a cash register at a florist shop. Photo of a makeshift calendar at a florist shop. Photo of a makeshift calendar at a florist shop. Photo of a makeshift planning tool at a florist shop

During field research we observed a number of hacks that florists used to get around the shortcomings of the FTD POS, including traditional cash registers and various calendar/scheduling systems.

Before and After

Screenshot of the FTD Point of Sale interface. Wireframe of proposed FTD Point of Sale interface.

The existing FTD POS grouped some fields, but didn’t give a clear picture of the entire order. The redesigned screens give a much fuller view of the order and help to guide the florist through the entire sale.


FTD Point of Sale new order wireframe. FTD Point of Sale account notes wireframe. FTD Point of Sale delivery details wireframe. FTD Point of Sale pending orders wireframe.

The redesigned interface uses large buttons and inputs to make touch screen use possible, thereby cutting down on the amount of equipment needed on the florist’s counter-top, leaving more room for product displays.

Transaction Process Flow

FTD Point of Sale transaction process flow

The existing system didn’t allow florists to skip any inputs, making a cash transaction much more complicated than it needed to be. The redesigned system includes multiple decision points allowing florists to skip unnecessary information.

Presentation Mock-Up

Sketches of the FTP Point of Sale screens. FTD Point of Sale recipients details mockup. FTD Point of Sale payment details mockup. FTD Point of Sale order lookup mockup.

Once we had a general system in place for some of the key screens the team decided not to complete wireframes for every screen. Instead, I worked closely with one of the designers to complete mock-up screens from my sketches.